Why I Love To Travel

Why I Love To Travel - I just love to travel. I have been lucky in that I have been able to do a lot of it in the last few years. I have been able to go to 11 countries and 30 states. When I was growing up we didn't travel very much. We usually only went to see my Grandparents in Arizona. It wasn't that my parents didn't want to travel. I guess they just wanted to save money so we did more local trips.

When I was 19 I got my first taste of traveling. I went to Washington DC for the week with a friend of mine. We had such a good time. We got to see almost everything. It was an amazing trip and I knew after I returned home that I loved to travel. The next trip I went on was a trip to Canada when I was 21. I went with my boyfriend at the time. We went during the wintertime so we got to check out some of the local winter sports. We were able to check out a dog sled race.

As soon as we got back from Canada, I started saving for my next vacation. I knew if I didn't make it a priority, I would spend my money on something else. I started making a list of all the places I wanted to go. My next trip was when I was 22. I was able to go to Brazil for the week. I had a friend from college whose cousin lived over there. I was able to stay with her. I got to see so many amazing things on that trip. When I was 24 I was able to go to Ireland for my honeymoon. We got to stay there for eight days. It was a perfect trip. We were able to see a lot of the countryside and talk with a lot of the local people.

When I was 26 my husband and I went on our first cruise. On this trip we were able to visit six different countries. We went to Italy, Greece, Egypt, Turkey, Malta and Spain. We got to see so many different countries and cultures on that trip. We are now saving for a trip to Australia. We both have always wanted to go there. As it is rather expensive it is going to take a while to have the money to do it. It will be worth it. We are already making plans about what we want to see while we are there.  We are hoping to be able to visit for three months. It all depends on how much time we can both get off work. We don't plan on having any children until after we go on that trip.

I love traveling because I love seeing other parts of the world. I love to see how a different culture or part of the countries lives. Our world might seem big but it is really small when you think about it. I hope I continue to travel until I can no longer physically do so.

Why Travel Makes People Happy

Why Travel Makes People Happy - Some people love to travel and others not so much. I love most every aspect of it. I like planning a trip, deciding on the route, what I want to see, where I want to stay, the flights, in fact the whole caboodle. Then there’s the actual trip which is exciting and when it is over, travel gives you (usually) wonderful memories. What is there not to like?

Planning is a great time as you get to choose where you want to go, how you are getting there, all aspects of your trip, including hotel. Today there are so many ways you can get information about the place you have chosen for your trip. For example, say you want to plan a trip to Costa Rica as your neighbors went there last year and they loved it. Certainly you can pick their brains about their experiences there.

Then you can do your own research. Online is a great place to start as you can look at maps, visit blogs about the place and start planning what you will do when you get there. There are flights to book. Is San Jose the right airport for you or would Liberia be a better choice? Check with different airlines or expedia.com for the best routes and what the price differences are. Maybe you should do some research into all-inclusive deals or general vacation deals that include hotel and flights.

If you decide you would rather plan your itinerary yourself, then you can spend more time planning your trip. Costa Rica is well known for its beauty and there is so much to do there. You could go on a trip through a rainforest. Maybe a yoga camp? How about car rentals? You could then simply go wherever you want each day and not plan much at all. You could start of in San Jose and spend a night or two there to get to know the city and then hire a car and travel north to Arenal where the rainforests are and the volcano. The area is also a renowned spa town. You can either plan ahead and book hotels or just pick a place to stay when you get there – something that is usually very doable.

You could go further north west until you get to the beautiful Pacific coast where there are lovely small towns on the coast where you can enjoy water sports, go on a trip to see the whales or the turtles, or simply relax on one of the beautiful beaches.

While Spanish is the language of the country, it is not difficult to get by with just English. Travelling by car, you could more or less see the whole country in about two weeks and have a great time. Another plus is that it is near the equator so the weather so the weather is usually beautiful all year round. The people are nice and friendly and the country itself is spectacular and so are the flowers and the birds – they even have monkeys.

After your trip, you can spend your time looking at your photos and re-living the great time you had there. This is just one of the many reasons that travelling is wonderful.

Why You Should Choose A Cruise Vacation

Why You Should Choose A Cruise Vacation - If you love to travel, you should consider a cruise vacation. In the past few years, there have been some mishaps aboard cruise ships, but overall, a cruise is a fun and safe vacation. The media will cover the rare cruise ship fires, but they fail to mention the many cruises that happen safely every day of the year. If you look at the price of a cruise, it is actually a very cost effective vacation. Just compare the cost of a traditional vacation to a theme park to the cost of a cruise. If you were to take your family of four to Orlando for a visit to the theme parks, you will be paying for the hotel, you will pay for meals, and you will have to pay for admission to the theme parks. This can easily come to $500 per day or more, or $3500 for a week. Now, for a cruise, you will pay for the cruise, which can be as low as $620 per person, or $2480 for a family of four for a one week cruise.

When you pay for a cruise, you are paying for not only the cabin, but the price also includes meals and entertainment. There is a wide range of dining options on most cruise ships. There are buffets open three meals a day. You can eat in the main dining room. Many modern cruise ships also have several specialty restaurants and other dining options, including burgers, pizza, sandwiches, and caf├ęs. Most of the dining options are included in the price of the cruise, but some options do carry an additional fee. But isn’t $30 per person worth it to dine in a high end steakhouse?

Theme parks can provide a great vacation. But the shore excursions on a cruise are so much more fulfilling. In most ports of call, you will have a wide variety of shore excursions to choose from. You can take a tour of the city or island, or visit local markets to do some shopping. If you want a relaxing time, some ports of call offer a serene sunset cruise on a sailboat or catamaran.

If you have a taste for adventure, many ports of call, especially in the Caribbean, offer parasailing or zip lines through the jungle. Other shore excursions take you scuba diving or snorkeling. For a lower key excursion, however, you may choose to simply lie on the beach and soak up the sun. But you certainly do not need to go on a shore excursion on the cruise. You can simply relax on board the ship next to the pool, or in one of the hot tubs.

A cruise vacation can be much more cost effective than a traditional vacation, and provide you with plenty of options for fun. The dining options on a large cruise ship are many and varied. And the shore excursions provide you with a wide range of fulfilling activities. And of course a cruise offers the opportunity to simply relax.
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